Funding Categories

Funding Categories
1. WATER QUALITY $955 million
A. Water Security

Monitoring and warning systems
Protective structures
Emergency interconnections
Communication systems $50 million
B. Safe Drinking Water

Small system upgrades
Treatment and contaminant removal
Drinking water source protection
Revolving fund $435 million

C. Clean Water and Water Quality

Pollution prevention, reclamation, blending and exchange
River parkways that provide water quality benefits
Lake Tahoe water quality projects
Clean beaches
Sierra Nevada water quality projects

$370 million
D. Contaminant and Salt Removal Technologies

Desalination projects
Treatment projects for MTBE, arsenic, chromium, etc.

$100 million

Storage planning and studies
Water conveyance
Delta levee restoration
Interim water supply reliability
Ecosystem restoration
Watershed protection
Conservation and efficiency projects

$825 million
3. REGIONAL PROJECTS: $710 million
A. Integrated Regional Water Management

Water supply reliability, storm water capture
Wetland restoration, pollution reduction
Groundwater recharge, salt removal and reclamation
Water banking and exchange
Integrated flood management
Fish and wildlife enhancement

$640 million
B. Colorado River

Canal lining
Ecosystem restoration requirements

$70 million
4. Coastal protection

Watershed protection
Wetland restoration and protection
San Francisco Bay wetland restoration
Southern California wetland and watershed protection

$950 million
TOTAL $3.44 billion

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