Vote Yes on Proposition 50: Clean Water & Coastal Protection Bond 2002

Prop50Yes.com is dedicated to spreading the word on clean water and coastal protection. We realize that our water is becoming more and more polluted every day, and current regulations are doing little to stop this. We must take a stand now more than ever, and we finally have enough backing to change the system.

We need  to place sanctions on, and fine large corporations who are destroying our water supply and reward companies who leave a small footprint. Water is the basis of life, and without clean water, we wouldn’t even be able to survive.

Proposition 50 has generated a lot of support among numerous organizations, local businesses and celebrities. Our campaign is stronger than it’s ever been. Here are some of our largest supporters:

  • The Sierra Club – They fight for causes such as clean water and air as well as climate control.
  • The World Wild Life Fund – They do everything they can to protect wildlife around the world. They back prop 50 because, they have seen enough contaminated water sources harming wildlife throughout the world.
  • Dumpster Rental Depot – They not only offer dumpster rentals, but they are advocates of smart waste disposal that will not harm our planet for years to come.
  • World Environmental Organization – Dedicated to spreading the word about all the environmental risks that our world is currently facing.

For more information about Proposition 50, contact us at:

926 J Street, Suite 907 · Sacramento, California 95814
Phone: 916/669-4796 · Fax: 916/558-1518

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